Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently stole the limelight in the field of technology and development.  Some of the important factors for this is the fact that AI is more efficient than humans, reduces repetitive work and has enhanced work efficiency. Thus, every other company in the world wants to use AI or implement it in their business. One of its major implications can be seen in the field of AI job recruitment and AI job screening sectors which have drastically improved HR management.

However, AI also has a downfall – the elimination of human employment. This can be more viable in areas such as medical diagnosis, speech translation, and accounting. AI has overpowered humans in every possible way. Thus, this leads to the fear that one day AI might take over the world employment.

But contradicting this fact, researches have also shown that AI will also be responsible for creating more jobs than taking them from humans. Below are the sectors that will have higher employment thanks to the use of AI.

11 reasons to show AI will offer more employment:

  • The rise in the need for man-machine Hybrid Teams: The future of employment will depend upon how well humans and AI can coordinate with each other to create augmented hybrid teams. AI with its speed, accuracy, computation, etc and humans with their empathy, judgment, cognition, etc can form the perfect picture. This combination of strengths between AI and humans can help  in generating better business outcomes.
  • Worldwide Employment: Companies that have been able to implement AI effectively are able to generate more income from their businesses. Thus, this leads to higher employee wages, better technology tools, greater efficiency, etc. With this much of success, companies are being able to spread their business on a global scale. This also means that these companies will now need to increase their workforce on a global scale, thus, in turn, generating more employment opportunities.
  • Role of AI in the marketing and sales department: AI has become a substantial part of marketing and sales. With the development of smarter databases, AI can now help at building effective, large-scaled forces. Tools like Pinch AI are using AI recruiting software and AI screening software, etc to generate insights that can help companies in recruiting the right candidates for their employment.
  • Scaling up of companies due to AI: AI and machine learning algorithms require large amounts of data that helps the companies to perform better. This also helps at increasing the retention rate of employees as well as customer acquisition which in turn helps at creating newer job opportunities.
  • Creating new Job Positions using AI: Even if AI eliminates jobs, it will also create the demand for newer job roles. For a successful working condition for an AI, it is required to check whether the AI is working properly, improving it and managing it thereupon. It is also indicated that the new positions might require additional skills to manage the interface between technology and humans.
  • Maintaining Jobs using AI: AI helps at maintaining the businesses to offer more efficiently especially in areas such as customer service, automation, etc. There are companies that have integrated AI into their systems. AS a result, with each additional AI implemented in the industry, the demand for AI maintaining the workforce will increase exponentially as well. This will result in companies needing larger amounts of AI developers and engineers to maintain their systems.
  • Helping in the field of Robotics: One of the areas that will see a massive growth for AI in the field of robotics. Most of the drones these days like – stationary robots, non-humanoid land robots, and fully automated aerial drones are all AI-based and are gaining significant business interest from companies all around the globe. This increase in demand will open up more job vacancies for AI robotics engineers,
  • Facilitators Roles through AI: The increase in implementation of AI into companies have seen a demanding rise for AI facilitators who help in providing businesses with flexibility compiling their own AI environments. Basically the role involving in this includes the creation of automated environments as well as build systems such as virtual assistants. The benefit of these environments is that it will help employees work better without any compromises regarding security, governance, data control and compliance.
  • AI-based Healthcare Systems: Healthcare is one such industry where there is a lot of scope for AI applications. In the near future, it is expected that AI-powered healthcare will be available at a larger scale and with a larger demand for everyone. Therefore the requirement of AI in healthcare technician jobs will certainly see an upward spike.
  • AI in Gaming Industry: AI applications have seen an immense rise when it comes to the gaming industry. Whether its matter concerning game design and development or in-game maintenance, AI has played an indispensable role as a result of which ther gaming companies have reaped a huge reward. With the increase in the popularity of virtual reality, companies will be bound to spend a lot of money on such AI-based systems. Therefore, AI developer jobs will have high demand.
  • Automated Transportation based on AI: AI has already shown its influence in the field of transportation. Many reputed companies are investing millions of follars to such AI-based self-driven cars and trucks. As this sector becomes more prominent in the future, its going to create more vacancies for AI and machine learning engineers.

Pinch’s role in AI and relation to Work employment:

Since the beginning of the modern era of advanced scientific improvements, recruiters have always tried to give more importance to technology so that their jobs become easier, faster and better. Nowadays, the most impactful theme in HR technology is that of AI for recruiting. Pinch AI has been a front runner for such AI recruiting software and AI resume screening software.

Pinch AI is a game-changer when it comes to AI for recruitment. It uses machine language to compare to CVs and specify job at building speed and stunning accuracy. No need to search or scan endlessly to assess the ideal candidate because Pinch AI will automatically bring the best match straight to the top. After being developed with a two-year collaboration between data scientists and technical hiring managers, the result that was obtained was Machine Learning software that was able to mimic the behavioral traits of professional recruiters along with applied intelligence of natural language processing (NLP). Pinch AI helps at producing an AI verified job score and cover letter by analyzing the resumes based on a semantic algorithm. A pinch score is more powerful than a cover letter simply for its ease to read and it directly speaks for the job description.