Artificial Recruitment has taken the recruitment process by storm, and that too for good reasons! In today’s world, it’s important to building up relationships is the key, and when one can establish a true relationship with the applicants, they get excited about the company’s values and goals. To be able to find, connect, and retain people is a complicated process. But what if there is a way to make all of this possible without the need to sacrifice one’s social life? The answer is Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment process. AI resume screening software allows one to spend time on the important stuff of building a relationship with high-value candidates.

By adding AI resume screening software, one can attract the right candidates, and can make smarter decisions on who is the right fit to the organization, Here are 7 reasons to help you get a hold of how AI recruitment software can help your recruitment process on a strategic level.

  • Quality of Candidates is improved :

Candidate quality depends on the type of candidates that you attract regarding the job posting. If Therefore, if you fail to attract the right type of candidate, then you might end up weeding amidst semi-qualified applicants, expecting them to fill up the needs. The addition of AI resume screening software can help at improving the quality of your applicants in many different ways. In basic terms, AI screening software helps to formulate a clear, descriptive job description that helps to explain what exactly you are looking for in a candidate.  When the job description is accurate, one can see more candidates to fit the needs and less that are under-qualified for the position.

There’s also more, AI can also help at finding the exact type of candidate with something called ‘programmatic job advertising’- advertising that targets individuals based upon demographic and behavioral variables. Programmatic Advertising also helps at drawing the right person, and therefore just like writing the perfect job description, ups the conversion rates.


  • Tedious manual tasks can be automated:

Recruiters have a busy schedule, between scheduling interviews, candidate screening, trying to understand the ever-evolving team needs, tedious manual tasks, all these are things that make it hard to cope up with. Unfortunately, when such tasks don’t get done, can sometimes result in things getting messy. But when they are used correctly, AI screening software can become a personal assistant to the recruiters. They can be used to automate many of the mundane tasks of the day to day activities. By using resume checkers or AI resume screening software, one can ensure that things get done without the need of taking time away from one’s an already busy schedule. Another useful way to automate these tedious tasks is by using chatbots or automated messaging services. By automating the conversations that are related to a specific type of job questions, candidates can directly get their desired answer during any time of the day, thus reducing the need for the recruiter to respond to emails or phone calls without the need to reduce the experience of the candidate.


  • Better candidate experience:

Using AI isn’t just beneficial for the recruiter or the recruitment team but also for the candidates as a whole. That’s because the candidate experience is a very core element regarding the recruitment process, whereas many AI recruiting software are designed to make life simpler forever party involved. When a candidate can get the answers he is looking for quickly and easily, they will feel more compelled to stay with the organization. And with such positive responses, they even want to work with you for even longer durations. AI chatbots help at guiding the candidate through the interview processes more efficiently, not just in time but also in terms of candidate experience as a whole. By removing barriers, hurdles, or complications, which might result in a problematic situation, AI makes the application process smoother for both the parties. When thinking of adding AI recruitment software to the recruitment process, think also of the impact and improvements it brings to the candidate experience.


  • The recruitment process is being optimized:

To the right talent, one needs their recruitment process to function at a steady flow.  When certain areas start to cause some problems, top candidates might get lost leading them to your competitors. Therefore, to ensure that you’re bringing the right applicants through the entire process, one has to keep an eye at the bigger picture. Ai can be the eye for you after all AI is nothing but data.  Most of the AI-based tools collect data and then display it in such a way that it is insightful to you. Using AI and the data that you get by using it can help you get as much as three times more candidates with less than half the budget. And that’s how will be able to optimize the recruitment process by using AI-based recruitment software.


5)    Hiring is cost-effective:

Hiring a new employee can also be a costly endeavor. When you opt to post a new job application, screen applicants, host interviews, etc, you would expect to invest in the right type of individual. Although introducing AI to your recruitment process comes with additional costs, it can also be more effective as a hiring funnel and thus will lead to a positive impact on long-term ROI. AI will not only reduce the need to hire additional recruiters, interviewers, employees but also to ensure that you are putting the right individual in your open position the first time around.


6)    Reducing the time to hire:

Efficient hiring is a double-edged sword. While one may want to out the right candidate in your open position, they also need to fill the slot as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Using AI in the recruitment process can help at balancing this dilemma. By significantly reducing the time spent on digging through resumes or screening applicants, AI helps you to move through the interview process faster without the need to sacrifice the quality of candidates.


 7) There is no more waste of talent:

Sometimes it might happen that the best person for the job may even know what they are looking for. Passive candidates and candidates who have applied for different positions can sometimes be a better addition than direct applicants. Without the assistance of AI screening software, you would need to spend hours sifting through resume boards, and application tracking systems. By allowing AI to pull the right kind of candidates who fit the job description, you can save time and money trying to connect to new candidates. By paying close attention to what you are looking for, AI helps at providing the right type of recommendations for applicants and professionals.



Artificial Intelligence has changed the game in several industries, including recruitment. If not adding AI to the recruitment process, you’re bound to miss out on many things. There are several benefits to adding AI to the recruitment process. With the right tools, software, and programs, one can develop an automated process that helps to improve the quality of your candidate and the application experience.