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Retailers should not have to make an impossible choice between retention and margin.

$101 billion (~14%) of all returns in 2023 US Retail was abuse1 . Retailers are reacting to margin dilution and inventory shrink by cutting back on free returns and charging restocking fees which drive away loyal customers.

Return Abuse Prevention

Manage your margins and inventory shrink caused by fraudulent returns.



Dynamically determine return policies that supersede store
policies at checkout.


Deny fraudulent return requests. Reduce time spent on manual inspection before restocking.

Delight Good

Lock in trusted customers with instant refunds and rebates for exchange.



Get real time insights into abuse costs, abuse types and repeat offenders correlated with seasonality.

Platform Capabilities

Abuse Platform for Abuse Fighters

  • Work with Abuse SME’s to design workflows
  • Bottom line impact analysis before you go live

Gen-AI based Workflow Authoring

  • Run simulations & test protocols before prod
  • Generative AI based protocol authoring

Proprietary ML & Compute

  • Models that learn from every interaction
  • No code custom computes

Smart Workbench

  • Dynamic case clustering for automation
  • Interactive expandable Graph Network

Behavior Biometrics

  • Device, Browser and Location fingerprinting
  • Consumer analytics for improved decisions

Out of the Box Everything

  • Predefined data schemas across all verticals
  • Custom workflows and models by industry

Ditch one size fits all returns management.

Pick the right strategy for each type of issue your business sees. For the best customers, build trust and loyalty through the best treatment.

Stop Abuse, Unlock Potential

Pinch’s platform allows merchants to build custom return policies at checkout as well as strategies to detect and deter return abusers. We help you build the perfect returns playbook for your business.

Wardrobing and 


Deter wardrobing and bracketing by setting return thresholds, charging fees for returns and only in-store returns for suspect orders.

Stolen tender

Detect use of stolen tender at checkout and surface restricted return policy. Only offer refund to original form of tender for returns.

Bricking, Empty
Boxing, Open Boxing

Deny return requests from serial repeat return abusers or hold refunds for longer inspection periods.

Claims and

Investigate INR and SNAD claims by pulling up buyer abuse scores, and historic patterns of return abuse.

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    About Us

    We are a team of technologists with extensive experience in building and scaling risk and abuse mitigation platforms at Google and PayPal where we built out market leading fraud solutions adopted by tens of thousands of merchants and helped build their brand of trust and safety.

    Our mission is to empower retailers of all sizes to craft personalized experiences that foster loyalty and deter abusers.

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    1. NRF & Appriss: 2023 Consumer Returns in the Retail Industry.